Monday, June 6, 2016

Morgan Miniatures 11th century Normans sets 1 and 2

Thanks for your support at the June London show.
Pictures of set 1 prototypes without shoulder shield straps are shown in the June/July issue of Toy Soldier Collector.
I am posting pictures of the revised 6 figures from set 1 with shoulder shield straps and the new second set of 6 Normans. It is proposed to add a 7th figure to the second set armed with a spear.
The next proposed release in this range is 13 conversion figures from sets 1 and 2. This will be followed by mounted Normans which should be available at the December London show.
Figures are available singly at £35 each but I currently only have 3 poses from set 1 available. Castings are £11 each and I am expecting a resupply in the next 2 weeks.
Once again apologies for my poor pictures.
Two figures from set 1

Three figures from set 1

Individual figures available from set 1

3 figures from set 2

Another 3 figures from set 2
Pictures of the 6 individual figures from set 2


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