Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Morgan Miniatures new mounted US cavalry

A few pictures of the cavalry.
There are now 11 different poses with another 7 hopefully at the London show in December.
The original 4 are shown in the first 2 pictures. The new 5 are shown in the last 3 pictures. they comprise a bugler and 4 troopers with sabres. The final 7 figures will be an officer with sabre and 6 troopers with sabres. The sabres were not used when fighting the Apaches but due to demand I have added them to the range.


Morgan Miniatures updated Egyptian infantry

A few pictures of Egyptian infantry with the new shield designs.
They will be available from Michigan Toy Soldier at the Chicago show.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Morgan Miniatures at Chicago 2015

Looking forward to the show. The year has passed so quickly.
I will be in Chicago on Tuesday and figures will be available from Michigan Toy Soldier Thursday to Sunday.
Updated versions of Egyptians at the battle of Kadesh will debut at the show.
If anyone requires specific figures or unpainted kits please let me know and I will have them available.
See you there
Garteh Morgan